How You Can Help


You can donate to STARS online or via check in the mail.


You can contribute items to one or more of the STARS Homes


You can volunteer your time.

Job Opportunity

You can fill a current job opening with STARS Family Services.

Here is a creative idea that friend of STARS Marion Robbins had to raise money for STARS.

First Presbyterian Pay-it-Forward Plan Benefits Hooten Home

Marion Robbins, member of First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton, received $100 and turned it into $1300 which she donated to STARS Family Services to benefit the newly opened women’s home.

An anonymous member of First Presbyterian offered $10,000 to the congregation to be used for community outreach and charity. On February 22, the pastors handed out one hundred $100 bills to folks who raised their hands to participate in the plan. Each recipient was charged with multiplying the money and then giving it away to benefit others.

Marion Robbins raised her hand. As the pastor referenced the parable of the mustard seed in Matthew 13: 31-32, an idea began to formulate in her mind for what she would do with the money she had just been given. She ordered a lovely sterling silver mustard seed necklace from a jeweler and organized a raffle to raise money for STARS.

Why STARS? Marion was a volunteer for years with the Court Friends Program, interviewing wards and guardians of the court. She states, “As a result of these interviews I have always been impressed with the work of the STARS program for the disabled and of course, when I read about the new group was a match for me!”

What a beautiful example of God at work. Thank you Marion!