At age 31, David is our youngest resident. David has developmental disabilities from Down Syndrome and enjoys many activities!  Rec n Roll, working at Twice is Nice Resale Shop and at Caputo's Grocery, and any and all STARS activities keeps David very active.  David is an enthusiastic member of STARS Sunday school, Autoharp, Praise in Action, Friday Night Fun, Hangin’ With a STAR, and of course all the STARS retreats. 

David was quite an athlete in his younger days and is very proud of his accomplishments.  He is a strong guy, and looking at his gymnastics photos proves just how strong!  Take a look in his trophy case in his room and you’ll be impressed too!  David enjoys bowling with WDSRA and has come home with some pretty good scores!

David is a friendly guy with lots of friends!  Ian, Gary, Tim, all the STARS, are special friends.  David’s family is very important to him.  David takes fun vacations with his family. Recently, David went on a cruise and, of course, had a great time! One of the wonderful benefits of being a resident at a STARS Family Services residence is the continued contact with family and friends.  David always looks forward to Tuesday evenings when his folks come to his house for their weekly parent involvement hours. 

David has attended STARS for over twenty years and is happy that the Washington House is close to College Church so that he can still attend. His favorite song is "Yes, Lord" which may tell you something about David’s heart for following God. He loves Jesus and likes to tell others about Him. David was recently baptized to help tell others about his faith. 

David and his sister, Kristin, along with friends from STARS, were members of a short- term missions team that traveled to France. That was a memorable event.  David’s heart for God and for serving was encouraged as he shared Jesus through music with the people who attended their concerts!

David loves living at the Washington House. He loves hanging out with the guys and having a place to call his own. David is very diligent and works hard at everything he does. He also likes to help people in whatever way he can. David is thoughtful and sensitive.  His favorite thing about being part of the Washington House family is being able to cook and take care of his home.  David works hard at his weekly and monthly chores, often offering to do chores for the other guys!  Saturday Outings are also a favorite of David’s.  He especially enjoys concerts at Cantigny Park.