There’s new music filling the rooms of Washington House these days, and it’s coming from the room of the newest member of the family, Ian! In his early 30’s, Ian is happy, mild-mannered, and personable; he will sit and chat or amaze you with the bands and lyrics he knows. The guys have given him the nickname “Music Man” for obvious reasons! Everyone is thrilled to find such a wonderful fit in Ian. David and Ian have been classmates throughout their school days and he had already known Tim and Gary through their many years of Stars activities together. Gary and Ian have the love of music in common, especially The Beatles. Tim shares Ian’s love of Rock and Roll, and both enjoy a good joke. All the guys enjoy Wii bowling, but Ian is often the champion Wii bowler at the Washington House!
Ian is a compassionate guy. It’s not unusual for him to notice a friend who may be sad, come over and put his hand on his shoulder, reassuring him that “it’ll be okay”. The guys appreciate his friendly easy going manner and his sweet disposition.
Ian is happy that he didn’t have to give up any of his fun activities after moving into the Washington House. Ian loves his independence and also enjoys working at Little Friends Spectrum Workshop, participating in Western DuPage Special Recreation activities, and of course participating in Stars. His parents, Bill and Pat, were grateful for these opportunities but were concerned about the many hours spent alone at home. Both in their upper 70’s, they are thrilled that Ian is a part of the Washington House so that, like his siblings, he has a rich independent life in the community with a “family” of his own. At Washington House Ian has discovered a new-found independence and still enjoys keeping that connection with his family each week during their family involvement time.