Tim, in his late 30’s, has attended STARS for over 25 years and has developmental disabilities due to Down Syndrome.  We may characterize Tim as our resident comedian!  He has a gift for humor and entertainment which makes everyone laugh. He is often the MC at the STARS Christmas program and always adds funny commentary to go along with his introductions. Tim is also very musical.  He loves to dance and play various instruments.  He particularly enjoys leading worship with his harmonica, drum, or tambourine.  

Tim loves living at the Washington House.  The Washington House became “home” to Tim early on.  After returning from a weekend with his family during our first months after moving in to the Washington House, Tim declared “it’s good to have the family back together again!”  And indeed, the Washington House guys have become family!!  

Tim loves the Lord.  Whenever he is sad or upset, God’s Word helps guide and comfort him.  Tim asked for reminders that he put up on his bedroom wall that read; “Pray” and “Read God’s Word”.  A good reminder for us all.

Tim works part-time at Twice is Nice Resale Store and participates in many recreational activities through Western DuPage Special Recreation Association. Tim also loves swimming, movies, bowling, and the computer. Family vacations are a favorite for Tim, and they’ve gone to some pretty cool places, but Disney World is Tim’s first choice!  While Tim enjoys his independence at the Washington House, he also enjoys Friday evenings when his parents join him and the guys during their Family Involvement time.  

Tim enjoys attending STARS Sunday School and is thankful that Jesus died on the cross for his sins. It was many years ago that he first expressed his faith and was baptized. Tim is glad he can continue to attend College Church and all STARS activities while being part of the Washington House family.