Stars Family Services Partner Program

We are excited about the Stars Family Services Partner Program!

We believe God gives each of us tasks to do and this is a good gift from Him. It has been our dream to have people with intellectual and developmental disabilities from our STARS ministry at College Church join us as Partners in our shops.

One of the goals of the STARS Partner Program is to train our STARS to be valuable members of the Resale Shop team, to become true Partners in the ministry of our College Church Resale Shops! Partner Coaches will use a mixture of verbal cues, visual prompts, and modeling to train STARS in all aspects of the selected tasks at the Resale Shops. The Partner Coach will assess and design goals for each Partner.

All Participants in the STARS Partner Program will perform their tasks according to these values:

Excellence: We will perform tasks to the best of our ability and use the gifts God has given us.

Service: We will serve others as an expression of our love for Jesus, since Jesus came to serve. This includes serving customers, employees, volunteers and fellow Partners.

Love: Everything we do will be done out of love and have the best interest of the other person.

Progress: We desire to grow to reach our full potential and be all that God intends us to be.

Respect: We will be respectful of the STARS Partner Coaches, customers, employees, volunteers, and other partners. We will do what the Coaches and Location Manager ask us to do and speak respectfully to them at all times.

Interested in hearing more about the SFS Partner Program? Call (630) 206-0243