Board of STARS Family Services

 Ray Chase, Ken Larson, Nancy Singer, Michelle Linhardt
Julie Clemens, Bob Kay, Glenn Kosirog, Margaret Jensen


Chairman and President:  

Raymond F. Chase is a businessman and the father of an adult daughter                                                         with intellectual disabilities


Ken Larson is the Chief Trust Officer, Wheaton College Trust Company and an Elder of College Church.  


Nancy L. Singer is the Director of Administration and Finance at College Church in                                                   Wheaton with extensive experience in finance, banking and business                                


Michelle Linhardt is a degreed accountant, skilled in maintaining financial accounts and records, and the mother of a son with intellectual disabilities                                         



Julie Clemens is the Director of Disability Ministries at College Church in Wheaton and an occupational therapist. 

Robert Kay is an attorney in Wheaton, IL providing primary legal counsel for individuals, businesses and families. 


Glenn Kosirog is a parent of a daughter with developmental disabilities and is a pharmacist and owner of Kosirog Rexall Pharmacy in Chicago, IL. 


Margaret Jensen has a grandson with intellectual disabilities. She has a degree in communications and a passion for the STARS ministry.